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Microsoft to bundle EMC net management tools

Microsoft has signed a deal to license EMC's Smarts network discovery and health monitoring technology. The EMC tools will be bundled with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, the company's end-to-end service monitoring product.

Fluke tool offers help for Gigabit troubleshooters

Fluke Networks has introduced a tool designed to help technicians troubleshoot Gigabit Ethernet links and resolve 802.1X security conflicts. Linkrunner Pro Network Multimeter also performs power over Ethernet verification to the IEEE 802.3af standard.

Alcatel-Lucent software boosts MPLS availability

Alcatel-Lucent has launched IP/MPLS software designed to increase network and service availability. Release 5.0 of its Service Router Operating System includes functions to increase link-level resiliency and protect network paths against physical link or node failures.

Dual-purpose router aims to speed Wi-Fi/VPNs

Multi-Tech Systems has released two Wi-Fi/VPN routers designed to speed up branch office wireless networks by removing the need for separate VPN and Wi-Fi routers. The devices accommodate up to 15 simultaneous VPN tunnels.

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