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Microsoft: Windows Vista

With the arrival of Windows Vista, Microsoft has continued to add innovation to its ubiquitous Windows operating system family. Windows Vista has hundreds of new features and follows Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98 and Windows 95, with each new version growing more graphically intensive and feature rich.

There are two business versions of Vista available, Windows Vista Business for organisations of all sizes, and Windows Vista Enterprise, which is only available to Microsoft Software Assurance members.

Windows Vista is the most graphically demanding of the Windows product family, and features a new Windows Aero interface which introduces 3D, transparent windows, and other graphical innovations.

Vista also has improved searching, better multimedia support and new security features designed to improve on Windows XP and older versions of Windows, which were frequently hacked by malicious web users.

Because of Vista’s new features, Microsoft recommends that users run it on PCs with a minimum of 512MB RAM for the basic Vista ‘experience’ but ideally a dual-core or Intel Pentium- class processor with a minimum of 1GB memory, plus a premium graphics card such as ATI or NVIDIA.

As such, some businesses consider Windows Vista more suited to the home market, and few organisations plan to upgrade to Vista this year.

In addition, many users recently moved to Windows XP from Windows 2000 or Windows 98, so a migration is unlikely in the immediate future.

Many IT managers are waiting for Vista to support particular business applications and hardware, and currently face a range of compatibility issues.

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