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Microsoft IT training

Microsoft and Microsoft Certified Partners offer a huge range of Microsoft IT training for both applications and application development. For example, Microsoft IT training is available for Microsoft applications like SQL Server 2005, Exchange Server 2007, and Microsoft Office 2007, and also for development tools such as Microsoft, Visual Basic, C++ and C#.

For many IT directors, it is essential to have a team equipped with the right Microsoft IT training and skills, and for Microsoft, Microsoft IT training is a core driver for sales of Microsoft products.

Microsoft has made business applications such as Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Windows SQL Server 2005 and the Microsoft Dynamics family more extensible through the use of its application development environments.

Core to this extensibility is the Microsoft .Net development environment, and programming languages and tools such as Visual Basic.Net, C++, Microsoft Visual C# and ASP.Net, the successor to Active Server Pages (ASP).

As each new tool arrives, IT professionals need to gain the relevant level of skills to master their application development tools and ultimately the applications themselves.

Microsoft therefore has a range of Official Microsoft Learning Products which include classroom training from Microsoft Certified Partners for Learning Solutions; Microsoft Official E-Learning; and Microsoft Official Distance Learning (MODL), a new platform that combines online classroom training, live discussion, and self-directed study.

Microsoft also offers users a skills assessment and learning plan, to help identify and improve areas of weakness in Microsoft IT Training. These cover a whole range of Microsoft products and development tools.

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