MS fails to deliver Internet strategy

Microsoft's roadmap for its next generation of software was due on 1 June, but has been postponed until 22 June

Microsoft has been forced to postpone the launch of its new Internet strategy, due today, because of the imminent DoJ antitrust ruling.

On 24 May, in a speech opening Microsoft's fourth annual CEO Summit, Bill Gates said it would reveal the roadmap for its next generation of software - the company's most important announcement for five years - on 1 June at the Forum 2000 event. But two days later Microsoft sent an e-mail informing industry watchers the event had been postponed until 22 June.

At the Forum, Microsoft was expected to announce Next Generation Windows Services, a strategy on how users receive information and services from the Internet.

Commenting on the delay, an MS spokeswomen said, "We believe [the antitrust ruling this week] would distract attention and focus."

Dale Vile, senior analyst at Bloor said, "If the operating system and Internet parts of the company are split [by the DoJ] Next Generation Windows will have to change."

Simon Moores, chairman of the Microsoft forum user association agreed. "The effect of any split would be a change in how Microsoft evolves its Internet strategy."

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