Lucent promotes new vision for IP

Lucent is set to woo service providers to move beyond Internet access and connectivity with a range of customisable network...

Lucent is set to woo service providers to move beyond Internet access and connectivity with a range of customisable network services, such as VPNs and follow-me capabilities, promising users flexibility in network access.

Geert Ramaut, who heads up Lucent’s Emea IP services strategy, made a lightning visit to the UK to promote the company’s new vision for IP last week.

According to Ramaut, vice president for market development, Internetworking Systems, Emea, the vendor’s “service intelligent” network would allow service providers to avoid the “eroding margins and increased competition” of transportation provision.

Delivery of services such as IP VPNs, content delivery and application-specific networking through an IP services layer in the network would allow differentiation from other carriers and enable providers to “reduce churn and make more revenue from existing customers”.

Ramaut signalled Lucent’s commitment to developing further technology, including links from the ATM and/or IP router layer to the optical layer, which he said was still awaiting the adoption of an industry standard, such as GMPL.

Lucent was also increasing the investment in software for fault detection, which Ramaut maintained would be essential for service providers seeking to fulfil service level agreements.

James Morgan, head of Landis’ public networks division, welcomed Lucent’s announcement, saying IP services were something the company “needs to focus on”.

Ahead of meetings with Lucent to discuss the strategy in detail, Morgan said he was curious to hear “how Lucent is going to deliver in a technical sense” before passing comment.

He added that the areas of IP and technologies such as VoIP were still at an embryonic stage.

This was last published in March 2001

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