Kicking out dead time

A man of many talents, Gary Turner is a professional kick boxer and guest commentator on Eurosport as well as the proprietor of a...

A man of many talents, Gary Turner is a professional kick boxer and guest commentator on Eurosport as well as the proprietor of a building surveying business. 

But fitting his business and his kick boxing into his schedule was turning into a real headache. He still had to communicate with his survey team while he was out of the office on site visits and during training sessions abroad. 

"I was spending 75% of my time out of the office on site visits, training and competing," says Turner. "It meant I had to deal with e-mail enquiries from clients, my employees and also my trainer when I got home in the evening. Sometimes it would take me until midnight to get through things.

"And because I was using an unreliable POP3 account, I was constantly deluged by spam. The lack of rapid response also meant I wasn't giving my clients the level of service they deserved."

Being out of the office wasn't his only problem. Sometimes he wasn't even in the same country as the rest of the training team, who are based in the Netherlands. Turner visits the Netherlands one week a month and finds himself running up large bills in internet cafes or trying to access e-mail from friends' apartments. 

"It was becoming a huge problem. I had no time for myself, always rushing and working. Yet there was all this dead time on planes and trains, where I couldn't do anything constructive.”

To solve his problems, Turner turned to Cobweb Solutions for a hosted mobile working solution.

Using Cobweb’s hosted Microsoft Exchange services, he now has uninterrupted access to his e-mail, diary, address books and documents through an XDAII mobile device from O2. 

It's a hosted solution, so he no longer has to deal with any IT issues. Under the terms of his deal he can now call on his supplier to deal with spam, virus protection and software updates. And Turner and his colleagues also get access to data, documents and diaries over a hosted exchange.

“Cobweb has really given me the gift of time. With its hosted service I can utilise the dead time so that I can relax at home - and focus on my next fight."

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