Iconoclasts look at how to conquer the future

The technological future and how we will need to adapt will be a key discussion point at the Inter: Action 2006 event

The technological future and how we will need to adapt will be a key discussion point at the Inter: Action 2006 event. With keynote speakers such as leading futurologist Graham Whitehead and Robin Guenier, an iconoclastic and entertaining look at the future is guaranteed.

Looking at current trends and projecting what effect they will have in the future can bring valuable insights for IT departments. Most IT executives are able to pinpoint past projects that, with the benefit of hindsight, they would have dealt with differently.

"Organisations are wasting enormous amounts of valuable budget through poor management of their IT assets and, while illegal software is still a major problem in the UK, many companies are experiencing significant overspend in key areas," said Geoff Webster, chief executive of the Federation Against Software Theft, which is running the event in conjunction with the BCS.

"As a technology-led and technology-leading nation, we are currently at a crucial turning-point, said Mike Rodd, director of external relations for the BCS. "We are charging at breakneck speed towards seeing literally every facet of our society being heavily impacted by IT."

Inter: Action 2006 will also feature keynote speakers and workshops covering international standards on software asset management, counterfeit software and how to run successful IT projects. The event will be held on 4 and 5 October at Ascot racecourse.


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