How do I get into Web development

What is the best way for a beginner to appraoch web design

What is the best way for a beginner to appraoch web design

I work in the marketing department of a software supplier, and in the last two years have been involved in launching a Web site. I am now interested in working with Web sites permanently. I already have marketing and business skills and the basis of HTML coding. What skills do I need to get into Web site development and what training courses would you recommend?

Be sure of the career you want

David Newton

Commercial director, Computer People

This is a common request from our candidates. Web development is an attractive area of the skills market and because of this it is a very competitive one. Before developing your skills any further, it is important you are aware of the career and type of work that your new qualifications will help you to achieve. This is an exciting industry but also a very demanding one.

Although it is sensible to develop as many new skills as possible, if you are only going to focus on one, it would be logical to carry on progressing with HTML - the basis of all Web development. There are courses that look at all aspects of Web development and you could use one of these to have a taste of the other areas.

Local colleges are a good starting point for courses, and any good recruitment consultancy should be able to help with any difficulties.

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