Genuity takes global tack for one-stop network

One-stop, global e-business Internet provision was on offer at TMA 2000, in the shape of a network services platform from...

One-stop, global e-business Internet provision was on offer at TMA 2000, in the shape of a network services platform from Genuity, which claims that this breaks new ground in the breadth of services offered, writes Antony Adshead.

Genuity's Black Rocket offers large organisations Internet access, security, Web and application hosting in one package.

"What tends to happen today is that companies go to one supplier for access, one for applications, another company for security, and another for hosting," said Charles Zaiontz, Genuity's international vice-president. "Then they integrate a solution but the problem is it takes a long time and they're never sure they're going to get what they want."

Genuity says Black Rocket takes away the need for companies to assemble all these components themselves and acts as a single point of contact once the solution is up and running.

The company's partnerships with IBM and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young are the product's main selling point. Together they offer hard network design and installation along with software and management services.

On the security front, the company says that its fully-managed service takes away the need for customers to monitor their systems constantly, as this is done by Genuity.

The company also devises a security policy for its customers. Genuity's designers and implementors work with client companies during the building process to try to ensure smooth migration and optimum architectures and performance.

The company says that it has taken its experience of building high-performance business critical network from its history of building custom network environments for past clients and developed a way of offering a repeatable package.

Genuity has its roots in BBN, a company credited with inventing the forerunner of the Internet, the Arpanet.

This was last published in October 2000

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