Fujitsu unveils prototype mobile terminal

Fujitsu Laboratories, the research and development arm of Japan's Fujitsu, has unveiled a prototype mobile terminal which marries...

Fujitsu Laboratories, the research and development arm of Japan's Fujitsu, has unveiled a prototype mobile terminal which marries some of the functions of a PDA with those of a Smart Display.

A 4in LCD that takes up most of the front of the .U Pocket makes the device look like a PDA, but it is capable of a resolution of 800 pixels by 600 pixels (SVGA), which is considerably higher than most existing PDAs, said Hideyuki Motoyama of Fujitsu Labs' IT Media Research Institute.

At the heart of the unit is an Intel XScale PXA255 processor running at 400MHz, which is used in many PDAs, and it is based on Microsoft's Windows CE .net operating system, which is the base of the Pocket PC operating system.

Networking options on the prototype include wireless Lan, Bluetooth and IrDA infrared.

This configuration allows for several functions to be performed on the .U Pocket, not least of which is its ability to access a personal computer using the Remote Desktop application that is part of Windows XP Professional or RealVNC's Virtual Network Computing software.

Such applications let users access data and run programs on the host machine as if they were sitting in front of it by sending an image of the host machine's desktop to the client.

When icons are clicked on the client screen, programs start up and run on the host computer.

Microsoft's Remote Desktop application is an integral part of Microsoft's Smart Display platform which performs a similar function.

Users will also be able to access the internet from the .U Pocket because of the number of applications installed on the device. The device also features a digital still camera.

The device was constructed as a concept model and Fujitsu has made no decision on a commercial launch of the .U Pocket at present, Motoyama added.

Martyn Williams writes for IDG News Service

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