Features list: March 2009 - Virtualisation

ComputerWeekly.com features list for March 2009 - virtualisation.

Deadline: 5 February 2009

Publication date: Articles will run through the month of March 2009

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How does a hypervisor work

This article will get under the covers of hypervisor architecture and will examine the use of API and interrupts traps.

The design of hypervisor could impact operating systems in the future. Could OSs be built in such a way that all the hardware, memory/disc allocation, process scheduling/threading, interrupts and event/error handling is handled by the Hypervisor, leaving the OS to provide a robust/secure application programming layer?

We will also cover the history of this kind of emulation such as in Dos extender technologies like PharLap, as well as the Java, Basic virtual machines, which run interpreted computer languages.

Hypervisor practical

Once businesses have piloted virtualisation they usually want to move up to the next stage with a a production rollout. However the tools to support hypervisors in a production environment are only now starting to come to market. This article will look at how to manage production server virtualisation environments and how you support business continuity for virtualisation.

The Security Opportunity of virtualisation

Since virtualisation separates the operating system from the hardware, it provides a layer of protection that could improve IT security. This article will examine the security benefits of virtualisation.

The Security Risk of hypervisor products

This article will cover the security holes in hypervisor products like VMWare and Xen. What are the risks in a hypervisor. How can an IT department protect the hypervisor. We will provide a top tips list of how to secure your hypervisor.

Case Studies on virtualisation

We will be presenting a series of server virtualisation case studies covering different levels of maturity from pilot to measuring return on investment on a project.

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