Features list: June 2009 - IT Integration

Mobile integration; The Abbey story; Case study; Business Process Management; Where is SOA going?; System Integrators.

Deadline: 7 May 2009

Publication date: Articles will run through the month of June 2009

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Mobile integration

How are end user businesses integrating mobile devices with their enterprise IT. This article will look at how products like Salesforc.com, Blackberry Enterprise Server and ActiveSync among others can be used to connect mobile devices to corporate IT systems.

The Abbey story

Banco Santander has grown through acquisition. An IT platform, called Partenon, has powered this business strategy. This has allowed the company to integrate its acquisitions like Abbey, Alliance & Leicester very easily. The article will cover the pros and cons of Santander's approach with Partenon and alternative IT integration strategies.

Case study

This case study will illustrate best practices in supply chain integration

Business Process Management

IT integration allows businesses to connect business processes together. Once linked it becomes possible to have a enterprise view of how the business is running, allowing companies to manage processes to improve efficiency and cut back on loss or over production. This article will explain how business process management works, giving examples of businesses using BPM. It will also discuss the pros and cons.

Where is SOA going?

SOA was the knight in shining armour for IT integration. Finally the industry agreed a standard way for applications to share services and data. But the SOA frenzy in the industry seems to have died down as suppliers talk up the merits of cloud computing. So what has happened to SOA and where is it heading?

System Integrators

This is a market overview of the tier 1 system integrator's market.

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