Features list: January 2009 - web 2.0 and business

ComputerWeekly.com features list for January 2009 - exploring web 2.0 and business.

Deadline: 15 December 2008

Publication date: Articles will run through the month of January 2009

Editorial contact: features@computerweekly.com


Web 2.0 is firmly on the IT manager's agenda for 2009. This article will provide top tips to help IT departments introduce web 2.0 into the business.

Case studies

We will be looking at case studies that highlight the use of web 2.0 technologies in enterprise:

  • Internal collaboration using wikis
  • Examples of websites using mash-ups
  • External collaboration / interactive web 2.0
  • Google Earth and Google Maps

Web 2.0 companies in the spotlight

A series of articles about the evolution of the following Web 2.0 companies and how their products are being used within business:

We will also be covering other examples of web 2.0 companies that are specialising in offering services for businesses rather than consumers.

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