Features: Storage (October 2009)

Content synopses and information about the storage features that will run through October 2009 at Computer Weekly.

Deadline: 3 September

Features published throughout the month of October 2009.

Storage in the cloud

This article will cover the recent developments in cloud computing, which allows data to be stored in the cloud. We will look at the work Amazon S2, NetApps, IBM, HP, EMC among others have done to build cloud storage infrastructure, how these services differ and the legal, and security implications of storing data this way.

Using archiving instead of back-ups

Back-ups have a different purpose to archiving. They are used to store information in case it gets accidentally deleted or damaged, allowing data to be restored from tape. Archiving, on the other hand, concerns the log term maintenance of records. As IT departments support the regulatory compliance needs of the business, archiving is replacing backups.


The storage management initiative specification aims to build interoperability between different storage systems and provide common management tools. This article looks at how the spec has evolved and industry support for SMIS.

Fibre Channel Over Ethernet

Can fibre channel over Ethernet offer the reliability and resilience of storage area networks at a fraction of the cost? This article will look at where it has been deployed, the practical issues surrounding implementations, skills and training requirements, and the technology choices IT managers have to make.

Coping with legacy

With storage requirements growing exponentially every year, businesses need to plan their upgrades to migrate off legacy storage with minimum disruption. This article will investigate the strategy IT managers take to keep control of storage upgrades.

How to resell old storage when you upgrade

When businesses upgrade, they need to dispose of their old storage systems. Often these units are perfectly adequate for other users, but they have no manufacturer’s warranty. So can IT departments realistically resell older hardware when they upgrade storage?

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