Features: Enterprise Software (September 2009)

Content synopses and information about features published in Computer Weekly in September 2009.

Publication date: Articles ran through the month of September 2009.

Market overview of enterprise software

This article will look at the strategies of the main suppliers of enterprise software including SAP, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft, the role of system integrators, the build or buy debate and whether buying best of breed is still a viable strategy given the level of consolidation in the industry.

Enterprise software - strategies to lower costs 1. licensing - how to renegotiate software and maintenance contracts to cope with the downturn 2. Strategies to reduce z-series mainframe costs - ie offloading workloads onto the Ziip processor.

Green software

Although much of the debate around green IT is focussed on server hardware and the ability to consolidate servers to reduce carbon, badly written software can have a detrimental affect. This article looks at the greening of the software industry. What are the main suppliers doing to make their software run more efficiently?

Green metrics

A number of suppliers are developing tools to enable companies to measure and mange their CO2 emissions. This article will examine what 's available.

Enterprise showcase

A series of case study articles looking at how enterprise software is evolving. We will be covering virtual desktop infrastructure, server virtualisation, software as a service and unified communications.

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