Faster, more reliable backups for increased productivity

With a centralised storage system, Miller Group transformed its backups and ultimately its productivity

Dealing with a constant interchange of information between construction sites and headquarters, Miller Group depends on the availability of its communications and ERP systems during operating hours. Without a centralised storage system, slow, unreliable backups were reducing availability and impairing productivity.

Worked with the Portal Partnership, an IBM Premier Business Partner, to implement IBM Tivoli Storage Manager under SUSE Linux on the IBM System x platform, with data stored on two IBM System Storage DS4000 series storage systems and backed up to an IBM TotalStorage 3584 tape library.

Click here to find out why now backups are significantly faster and much more reliable, why there is increasing availability and reduced administrative workload by over 90% (through automation and a simplified architecture with systems now using the same backup solution).

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