Extending the scope of professional training

The BCS is teaming up with a leading business body to extend the range of its Professional Development Portfolio of courses - at...

The BCS is teaming up with a leading business body to extend the range of its Professional Development Portfolio of courses - at a time when the Portfolio is finding growing success among big employers and its own schedule is already being expanded, writes John Kavanagh

The BCS Portfolio, run since 1997 with ICL's KnowledgePool training subsidiary, has focused mainly on consultancy, including a consultancy workshop, communication skills, managing projects, motivating staff and managing change.

New additions for 2000 are selecting staff, and, for non-IT specialists, working effectively with IT professionals.

But the BCS is now teaming up with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants to offer topics providing business skills and awareness to IT specialists.

The Mastercourses include managing outsourcing, finance for non-financial managers, negotiating, and justifying IT costs against value. At the same time the institute will offer BCS Portfolio courses to its members.

"This arrangement brings together two leading professional bodies in their fields to provide a broad balance of training options," says KnowledgePool manager David Brain.

Meanwhile, some of the biggest names in IT and outside of the industry are signing up for BCS Portfolio courses run exclusively for their staff and adapted to the way they operate.

One company is running the BCS courses at an international training centre in Germany, bringing in staff from across the world.

The Professional Development Portfolio courses are between £325 and £350 a day, but there are discounts of about 10% for BCS members. Numbers are kept to between six and 12 people. The Mastercourses cost up to £400 a day.

Professional Development Portfolio

The Professional Development Portfolio courses this year are all in the Thames valley area apart from two dates in Manchester:

Communication Skills for IT Professionals: 9-10 May, 3-4 October

Consultancy Skills Workshop: 7-9 March, 13-15 June, 19-21 September, 14-16 November

Customer Skills for IT Specialists: 12-13 June, 18-19 September

Human Aspects of Change Management: 8-9 June, 23-24 November (Manchester)

Managing, Motivating and Developing IT Staff: 9-10 May, 5-6 September, 7-8 November

Managing Small Projects: 11-12 May, 12-13 October

Selection Skills for IT: 12 July (Manchester), 2 November

Working Effectively with IT Professionals: 28 March, 20 June, 10 October, 28 November.


The Mastercourses run with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants are:

Costs and Value in the IT Function: 8 March (London), 3 July (London), 3 November (Dublin)

Exploiting Your Investment in ERP: 7 April, 12 October (both London)

Finance for Non-Financial Managers: 9-10 March (Castle Donington), 11-12 May (Weybridge), 22-23 June (Bristol), 21-22 September (Castle Donington), 23-24 October (Weybridge), 27-28 November (Birmingham)

Managing Successful Outsourcing Projects: 18 April, 30 October (both London)

Presenting, Persuading and Negotiating Skills: 14-15 June (Cambridge), 1-2 November (Windsor).

The contact for both schemes is Denise Wharmby on 01625-545080.

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