Excerpts from SearchSecurity.com - February 2007

The security of stored data, how imperative it is that backup tapes be encrypted, the importance of securing backup servers.

Information Security magazine's February issue examines the security of your organization's stored data and how imperative it is that backup tapes be encrypted. Taking that a step further, in this technical tip, expert W. Curtis Preston explains the importance of securing backup servers. Click through for six steps to beating backup server hacks.

Achieving Compliance: A Real-World Roadmap
Are you proficient with the myriad global security and privacy regulations? Security officers must be well versed in governance and compliance, especially as enterprises do business across borders. These four downloads are important resources for your organization's compliance efforts.
>> Download these compliance resources.

Don't let trends dictate your network security strategy
Once you've digested our six steps to choosing an IPS, check out this bit of advice from SearchSecurity.com expert Mike Chapple. Mike cautions your security officers not to get caught up in trends away from host-based IPS. Mike dispels some myths about HIPS, including the belief that they're difficult to manage and monitor.
>> Read Don't let trends dictate your network security strategy

The Architectural Model
Dig deep into the architecture weeds and download this architectural model prepared by security luminary Fred Cohen. This model explains the control architecture, which includes structural mechanisms that obtain security objectives through access control, functional units, perimeters, authorization, change control, and lower surety non-architectural units.
>> Review The Architectural Model

Information Security announces finalists for 2007 Readers' Choice awards
Information Security magazine asked its readers to rate the security products used and deployed within their organizations. More than 1,500 readers weighed in on more than 340 products. Rated by your peers, here are the top 5 finalists in 15 categories. The winners will be published in the April issue of Information Security.
>> Learn about the 2007 Readers' Choice finalists

PING with Josh Seeger
Josh Seeger, CIO of Tribune Broadcasting, a unit of the Tribune Company, talks exclusively about lessons learned when faced with the complex task of meeting the PCIDSS requirements. He also explains that while compliance can be burdensome, it can also serve as a window into your network's security posture.
>> Read the interview with Josh Seeger

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