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Large or small, it's time to enter for this year's two top IT user awards

Large or small, it's time to enter for this year's two top IT user awards

If your IT system is bringing true business value to the bottom line, then there is still time to shout about your achievements by putting yourself in for a major industry award. Computer Weekly is supporting two top awards this year:

Recognising professionalism

The British Computer Society IT Professional Awards are the most rigorously examined and prestigious IT awards in the UK.

Combining the BCS IT Awards for Excellence and the BCS Management Awards, this year's award sees a wide range of categories recognising innovation, success and achievement.

Individual awards include IT director of the year, young practitioner of the year and a lifetime achievement award.

The technology awards are for applications, servers and systems and social contribution. The business achievement awards are in the public sector, commercial and industry, and financial services. Shortlisted finalists will make presentations to a panel of judges.

So if you know someone who deserves an award, call the nominations hotline at 0207-378 1188. The closing date is 17 April.

Win £180,000 cash throughe-business excellence

The E-commerce Awards are organised by government-backed Interforum and UK Online for Business with the aim of identifying excellence in e-business, especially among small and medium-sized businesses. The aim is to find the companies that are transforming their business through exploitation of e-technologies, helping to spread best practice and making the UK the best place to do e-business. There are four categories: e-trading, e-business, e-business start-up and voluntary work and the community. The 50 winners at regional and national level will get more than well deserved kudos - they will also share £180,000 in cash prizes. The closing date is 31 July.

BCS IT Excellence Awards

E-commerce Awards

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