DataMirror addresses audit and security needs of real-time data

As organisations look to make better business decisions faster, they also want to make sure that their data is secure. DataMirror...

Businesses understand the need for data security. But with government legislation in healthcare and financial services, many need to address the issue of establishing audit trails for data entering and leaving their organisations.


As organisations look to make better business decisions faster, they also want to make sure that their data is secure. This is a requirement in government-regulated industries, such as healthcare and pharmaceuticals, which are being forced to maintain audit trails of who is accessing the data and how it is being used.

Integration and data transformation are vital for providing access to data for real-time decision-making, but many have not stepped up to address the security/audit issue. One exception is DataMirror. Within its LiveBusiness line, DataMirror has recently addressed the monitoring aspect with its LiveAudit product. As an extension to its transformation server, LiveAudit has been developed to protect and monitor the security of data and information systems. It is also designed to capture and preserve any changes made to an electronic record.

Ensuring that recorded information is not overwritten when updated or deleted is critical for regulated industries, especially when organisations need to comply with FDA regulations, such as 21 CFR Part 11. Too many times, products give access and transform data but do not have the audit and monitoring capabilities necessary to lower the risks associated with expanding access to information.

DataMirror designed its transformation server engine differently by adding auditing and security capabilities. As more enterprises look to finally exploit the capabilities of real-time decision-making, extract and integration tools will need to provide more security capabilities to their products.

The industry has been talking about real-time capabilities for years, and as more organisations look to provide more access to information, make sure that the tools you choose ensure accountability. Being able to get that secured access from the same vendor as you are using for data integration will be critical as you look to combat fraud and meet federal regulations while lowering costs and complexity.

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