Data backup and recovery quiz

How much do you know about data backup and recovery? Try our data backup and recovery quiz to find out what you know about the various backup tools available for data protection.

How much do you really know about data backup and recovery? Try our backup and recovery quiz to find out if you're up to date on the various backup methods available for enhancing data protection.

1. This method reduces storage needs by eliminating redundant data, making it so that only one unique copy of the data needs to be retained on the storage media. The redundant data is replaced with a pointer to the unique data copy.
What is it?

2. This type of backup is handled by a server attached to the network, often handled by servers at remote locations that are attached to the network. The servers process that data and then ship it to a central site for storage.
What is it?

3. This technology presents a storage component as a tape library or tape drive for use with existing backup software.
What is it?

4. This is a storage system in which all data is backed up whenever any change is made. In effect, it creates an electronic journal of complete storage snapshots, one for every instant in time that a data modification occurs.
What is it?

5. This is a backup and archiving approach in which data is initially copied to backup storage on a disk storage system and then periodically copied again to a tape storage system.
What is it?

6. This is a managed service in which stored or archived data is duplicated in real time over a storage-area network (SAN).
What is it?

7. This type of backup can be accomplished with conventional backup software installed and configured on a virtual machine, and backups running to a conventional backup target.
What is it?

8. This is the process of shifting I/O and its processes from a primary location to a secondary disaster recovery location.
What is it?

9. This is the conversion of data into a form, called a ciphertext, that cannot be easily understood by unauthorized people.
What is it?

10. This is a set of pointers to data stored on a disk drive, on a tape or in a SAN, used to streamline access to stored data to speed up the recovery process.
What is it?

How did you do?
10 correct -- Backup brilliance
7-9 correct -- Good showing
4-7 correct -- Need to brush up a bit
3 or less correct -- Check out our special report on backup and data protection. Storage Resource Library: Quizzes and exams
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