DPM's diary 27 March 2007

Weekly round up of events at Bodcaster City Council


Apart from bacon sandwiches, malt whisky and snooker, there are a few other important things in life. None, of course, as significant as these three.

Anyway, getting the new Stony Playmobile 27 a few days earlier than the masses is certainly not in the same league. Yes, it does mean that I did not have to queue all night in a shopping mall, but, then again, I was never going to do that anyway.

There is some kudos attached to being selected by a major world corporation to be a trial user, but only with the 15 to 35 boy-racer set. I tried to exchange it with Ethel, the lady in the van on the car park opposite, for a month's supply of her delectable bacon and tomato with extra bacon specials - nothing doing.


Came in to find Dave and Mavis arguing furiously in the outer office. Apparently, Dave has a premium buyer for the Playmobile thing and Mavis was not handing it over.

At first I thought that she was looking after my interests, but it transpired that the argument was about the size of her cut. No mention of my cut, I noticed.

Mind you, it is these two who actually used the thing and wrote the report for Stony in my name. Mavis' influence in the report is clear. I removed the bit about me saying that the facility to tilt in any one of six different directions while in action was more than I could manage.


Dave says we need to change our web design to cater for the new Semantic Web facilities that Bim Lerners-Tee says are going to change the world. Sounds OK or is that a KO sound? Will DPM Diary nomenclature suddenly become transparent? And is this really a world-shattering concept, or can it be Bim is going the way of Clive Sinclair?


At the BCS branch this evening, everyone is talking about these Semantic Web engines. Fell asleep very quickly.


Dave is wearing a black armband and insists on a two-minute silence before this morning's management team meeting. This in memory of John Backus - Fortran being the only high-level language Dave ever had any time for. Well, we are all mortal and our DO loops must come to an end.

No doubt John is still coding up there somewhere. After all, thanks to him, we know for certain that HEAVEN is REAL unless declared INTEGER.

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