DPM's diary: 20 February 2007

Weekly round up of events from Bodcaster City Council

Weekly round up of events from Bodcaster City Council


Dave and Charlie gave me a demo of our new generation customer service channel. Called Bogcaster 2.0, it uses an island we have purchased on Twice Life to create a virtual Bogcaster City Council experience.

The visualisation is stunning, and I do like the avatars. All the contact centre staff and senior staff have one.

Mine is rather appealing, although I am not sure that the green hair really sets off my rippling torso in quite the way I would want.


I am familiarising myself today with living in the Twice World environment. Mavis has joined me, having chosen the avatar persona of an ugly old crone, which neatly satirises the prevailing culture.

For myself, I take the more obvious route and start by altering my avatar's appearance to meet my own exacting fantasy expectations.

Think Gregory Peck in his prime, but with slightly less gravitas and more lasciviousness. Travelling around we soon begin to lose confidence in this new strategy. For one thing, most of the other residents we meet are either US teenagers dressed up like 1960s French film-stars or French paedophiles disguised as US teenagers.

No Bogcaster citizens to be seen anywhere, and certainly no one looking to pay their council tax or enquire about respite care for an elderly relative.


Launch of Bogcaster.2.0 is delayed as Dave's team struggles to get the client and web streaming plug-in loaded on everyone's desktops.

There is also a problem with the contact centre agents, who are insisting that we change their avatars so that they are clothed. No sense of fun some people.


My first Twice World hosted business meeting. The visitor, or rather his avatar, is Kanga Gainsborough from IBM. He claims to be a metaverse evangelist - no really, I assure you, I did not make that up.

He liked our virtual contact centre with its bikini-clad receptionists. Who said I don't compromise? Anyway, he was a bright guy and very clued-up on Web 2.0.

Kanga almost convinced me that there is a G2C future in this. But then again, as I pointed out to him, in the real world there is not quite so much soft porn to act as a distraction when delivering local government services.


Local paper headline reads "Council leader in internet sex orgy". Seems the Bogcaster Gazette has followed the BBC and Reuters and now has an embedded (a most appropriate word) reporter in Twice World. Is there no privacy anywhere? Missed an instalment of the DPM's adventures? Catch up online


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