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Together,’s community of publishers and bloggers cover a wide range of subject matters and offer a wealth of varied insight from their different backgrounds and experiences.

Sign up to adifyTogether,’s community of publishers and bloggers cover a wide range of subject matters and offer a wealth of varied insight from their different backgrounds and experiences.

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Everton Blair - Editor, Windows 7 Newsand Connected Internet


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DatacenterDynamicsDatacenterDynamics is a full service B2B information provider at the core of which is a unique series of events tailored specifically to deliver enhanced knowledge and networking opportunities to professionals that design, build and operate data centres.


Last 100Our primary aim here at Zath is to get the best out of the latest technology products, the Internet and hi-tech gadgets that's available to us as well as finding the best gaming options for when we just want to relax and chill out!

One tip a day

One tip a dayOne Tip A Day is the brainchild of Tony Williams. Everyday a new tip will be posted that will help you get the most out of your PC, the internet , your mp3 player and other software. Each tip will be nice and simple and will suit all user levels, and will take no longer than 5 minutes to read and implement. What will you learn today?

Connected internet

Connected internetConnected Internet was launched in 2005 by Everton Blair, initially as an experiment to test blogging platforms for potential launch to my ISP customers. Within Connected Internet you’ll find a broad collection of tips, tools, news and product reviews. All of the articles that have been published by the team are nicely organised in the Archives. There is also a forum and a Directory.

Windows 7 News & Tips

Windows7newsWindows 7 News & Tips is dedicated to bringing you all the latest news , rumours, screenshots and videos of Microsoft’s next OS release launching 22nd October 2009, all in one place. Since its creation in Feb 2007, the site traffic has grown from nothing to over 750,000 monthly unique visitors and growing, as well as another 6,000+ users who read posts using RSS and over 4,000 forum users, and is expected to grow even further as more users upgrade to Windows 7.

Bright Hub

Bright HubBright Hub is an online community of experts and life-long enthusiasts who help visitors make better decisions, easily solve problems, and learn more about their interests with wide-ranging and highly informative articles, blogs and forums. Our success is defined simply: we want to equip you with the knowledge to improve the way you interact with the world.

IT Analysis

IT is an independent publisher of Information Technology and business analysis, research and opinions, from leading industry representatives. is a business/technology portal offering resources for senior IT professionals, including analysis, blogs, white papers, events and industry news.

Jason Slater

Jason SlaterJason is a technology writer based in Shropshire in the United Kingdom. Jason has a passion for technology, gadgets, writing and blogging and a love of learning new things (and old things especially technology history).

IT News Online

IT News OnlineIT News Online is a News Portal dedicated to bringing you the latest that is happening in the IT Industry. Right from focusing on Financial Transactions to the latest Gizmos out in the market, IT News Online is committed to keeping you up to date, every day.

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