Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide features list 2017

Here is a schedule of up-and-coming in-depth articles that will cover carefully selected topics to help IT leaders select the right technology for their organisation

Computer Weekly Buyer’s Guides map the IT buying cycle of our readership onto relevant editorial that will inform and educate readers and help them in making the right buying decision.

On a three-week cycle, the publication runs a series of articles focused on a particular category of software/hardware/IT service. Articles appear in the features section of the Computer Weekly ezine, which can be downloaded as a PDF or viewed as an SEO-optimised Buyer’s Guide page on the Computer Weekly website.

The Buyer’s Guide PDF downloads point readers to the online Buyer’s Guide, where they will be able to access all the articles in one place, along with additional content, such as blog posts and related articles.

The editorial team updates the Buyer’s Guide schedule on a quarterly basis to ensure the chosen technologies are topical and to respond to short-term commercial opportunities.

Buyer’s Guides comprise three separate features, which combine to become a standalone piece of evergreen content that readers can refer back to.

Each part includes a written article, plus relevant background material, as well as exclusive online-only multimedia content and infographics.

Format of Computer Weekly Buyer’s Guides

Market overview
This is an introduction to the topic covered in the Buyer’s Guide. The article will examine the nature of a given software/hardware/IT services product category, look at where it fits in the business, why users need it and which companies sell products in this category.

Analyst perspective
Here, Computer Weekly invites leading IT analysts to submit relevant research that can help readers narrow down product choices with a shortlist of products they may wish to investigate further.

Case study
At this stage in the buying cycle, the reader has a shortlist and may have given his/her technical people a brief to research the products in more detail, such as by following up customer references from the supplier. Computer Weekly supports this research with an in-depth case study, selected for its uniqueness, which illustrates best practices, technical and business drivers, lessons learnt and future plans of a successful IT project using one of the products shortlisted.

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The proposed schedule for H1 2017 is as follows:

Making IoT secure

10-Jan-17 to 30-Jan-17

Recent attacks have illustrated just how easy internet-connected camera, baby monitors and even building control systems can be targeted by hackers. We look at best practices for security in a highly connected world.

Remodelling your datacentre

31-Jan-17 to 20-Feb-17 

Sophisticated management consoles and automation is helping businesses support their growing estate of legacy applications while introducing new modern architectures. We explore how traditional datacentre management is adapting in the era of cloud-first computing. 

Mobile apps that meet customer expectations

21-Feb-17 to 13-Mar-17

There  is no such thing as one size fits all in the mobile devices market. This has a profound effect on mobile app development. Whether it is a B2C app, B2B or even an internal app, the end user has high expectations the app will not only be available on their preferred device, but also work in a consistent manner.

Flash storage update

14-Mar-17 to 03-Apr-17

As the perimeter of the organisation moves outside the corporate firewall, we look at how companies give business partners and internal staff access to enterprise systems and cloud-based resources.

SAP Hana deployment

04-Apr-17 to 01-May-17 

SAP has made HANA, its in-memory database, the centre of its business strategy and its next generation ERP platform,  S/4HANA. We assess whether existing SAP customers should move to HANA, and how best to do so and the alternatives.


02-May-17 to 22-May-17 

In spite of Brexit negotiations, the UK has committed to implementing the GDPR by 25 May 2018, leaving organisations with little time to ensure they are compliant. We explore what IT departments are doing to prevent business departments from infringing the new data rules.

CRM for non-intrusive customer insights

23-May-17 to 12-Jun-17

The level of data now being collected on certain ecommerce sites means that often, the computer system know you better than you know yourself. The challenge for CRM is how to use 

Hyperconverged infrastructure best practices

13-Jun-17 – 3-Jul-17

We assess the variety of products and options available to IT departments looking at migrating off traditional server and storage hardware to hyperconverged infrastructure. What  is the licensing implications of deploying hyperconverged infrastructure;  how easy is it to mix and match products from different companies; what are the challenges of replacing one hyperconverged appliance with an alternative product?

Wireless LANs

4-Jul-17 - 24-Jul-17

Wireless networking is now a fundamental aspect of corporate networking. Networks need to be reengineered to support the greater levels of mobile device connectivity now commonplace in the work environment. Equally, there is growing demand for deploying extremely low-powered IoT sensors everywhere, which also need internet connectivity.  We assess the different approaches now available and speak to organisations deploying these networking products in real-world environments.

Data management

25-Jul-17 to 14-Aug-2017

We explore how organisations are replacing transactional database management systems with new type of database architectures that are able to cope more.

The Office 365 platform

15-Aug-17 to 11-Sep-17

We look at the products and services available from Microsoft and its partners, which enable enterprises to deploy Office 365 as the centre of their collaboration strategy


12-Sep-17 to 26-Sep-17

This is a practical guide to tooling and best practices to support a DevOps culture that can deliver software projects of the highest quality in an efficient, iterative and sustainable manner

Cloud-based ERP

03-Oct-17 to 17-Oct-17

All the major ERP providers have cloud offerings. Some provide a direct upgrade path, but for some, the new version requires a major rework.  As a result, enterprises need to assess whether to stick with their existing provider, use best of breed products, or choose an alternative provider.

Cloud native application development

24-Oct-17 to 07-Nov-17

Making the most of elastic and resilient cloud computing services requires a new approach to developing software, based on microservices and containerisation. We look at the maturity of the cloud native software development environment.

Services for IoT and digitisation

14-Nov-17 to 04-Dec-17

We look at how to go about selecting the right provider to help you deliver a sound digitally-enabled  project that is more than just a proof-of-concept, and has long-term viability.

Next generation telco services

05-Dec-17 to 31-Dec-17

New, cloud-based workloads and the need for greater agility and flexibility is driving businesses to rethink how their wide area network strategy. The software defined WAN market is expected to grow 90% by 2020. We look at how it is evolving.

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