Comdex 2001: Roundup from the security vendors

As enterprises re-evaluate their security needs, particularly in the wake of the 11 September terrorist attacks, a number of...

As enterprises re-evaluate their security needs, particularly in the wake of the 11 September terrorist attacks, a number of options are coming to the fore. Vendors are using the Comdex platform to announce their latest developments.

Consulting giant EDS is promoting a comprehensive security programme that includes cyber security, physical security, business continuity, emergency management planning and privacy. EDS is one of those companies pursuing a fast-growing security consulting model and is targeting the airline/airport security market.

IBM Global Services is offering four expanded managed security offerings for its Web hosting customers. These include an intrusion detection system, firewall, vulnerability assessment and prevention consultation, and verification services for customers to automate monitoring of internal systems.

Narrowly focused security vendors McAfee and Kaspersky Labs have new personal firewalls and anti-virus packages, respectively. Smart cards, previously the emerging technology in Europe, are gaining ground in the US, and companies such as Infinion Technologies and ActivCard are showing their advances in employee authorisation, computer access, purchasing clearance and building security. Biometrics is also gaining attention with vendors such as LG Electronics, Griffin Technology, and Siemens Biometrics announcing authentication products.

In response to network security moving further up the corporate agenda, Cisco Systems has enhanced its Aironet 350 wireless Lan security suite; 3Com also reports that a strategy to embed security functions in network access cards will be launched in January 2002.

Hoping to tap into customer interest, EDS will unveil three risk-assessment tools: security-assessment, privacy-assessment, and a third tool for insurers to manage and gauge the level of risk associated with a company's Web-based data. Meanwhile, McAfee is introducing its new personal firewall.

Moscow-based vendor Kaspersky Labs will unveil its new SMTP gateway product. Kaspersky Anti-Virus for SMTP gateways administers anti-virus scanning and filtering of all incoming and outgoing traffic at the SMTP protocol level before it reaches the e-mail server, according to company CEO Denis Kaspersky.

Smart card companies such as ActivCard and Infineon Technologies will also discuss the importance and timeliness of the credit-card-size security technology. The current war is generating more interest in smart cards, according to Rod Stuhlmuller, vice-president of corporate communications at ActivCard.

Infineon, meanwhile, provides advanced fingerprint-sensor technology that companies can integrate into a wide range of PDAs, laptops and even smart, secure computer mice, said Don Malloy, the company's senior marketing manager for security integrated circuits.

Meanwhile, in the biometric space, Siemens Biometrics is showing off its ID Mouse Professional. The device requires a perfect fingerprint match to provide users with network access.

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