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Sales force co-ordination relies on effective communication. This is how one major security firm used GoldMine information...

Sales force co-ordination relies on effective communication. This is how one major security firm used GoldMine information management system to get their team talking

Borg-Warner Security Corporation is the largest security firm in the world with 590 offices in the US, Canada, Columbia, and the UK. Borg-Warner Protective Services, a unit of Borg-Warner Security Corporation, is the nation's most comprehensive provider of contract security officers. Working under the Burns, Wells Fargo and Globe names, Borg-Warner Protective Services offers security to a wide variety of industrial, commercial and government facilities by monitoring electronic systems and controlling public and employee access. Specialised services include armed security and fire protection at nuclear power plants as well as airport passenger screening and aviation services.

Borg-Warner Security Corporation was the Official Protective Services Sponsor of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic games where they helped maintain a safe environment for the two million athletes, coaches, dignitaries and spectators attending the games.

Business need and the GoldMine solution

In 1993, Borg-Warner was looking for a Sales Force Automation solution on which to standardise their entire sales force. Borg-Warner Protective Services had six regional business units spread throughout the country. Each regional business unit had 20 branch offices with one to two sales executives working from each office. Before standardising on GoldMine, the company lacked a centralised database. Sales executives were using their own software or even index cards to keep track of their contacts. In Chicago, although the Midwest business unit had standardised on Marketing Systems Management (MSM), they quickly outgrew this program. In order to keep a handle on Borg-Warner's growth, continued use of MSM would require a major upgrade in hardware.

Patti Turski, Borg-Warner's GoldMine support co-ordinator, and Reginald Adamski, Borg-Warner's lead systems analyst, were both involved in the evaluation process. After looking at both ACT! and Telemagic, Turski and Adamski chose GoldMine because of how well it met the company's needs.

High on Borg-Warner's list of priorities was the need to synchronise information throughout its countrywide network of sales executives. One of the most appealing benefits available from GoldMine was the way that Borg-Warner's database could be synchronised. Today, using GoldSync, each branch office synchronises with the regional business unit on a weekly basis.

In addition, GoldMine offers Borg-Warner seamless multi-cross platform support. Unlike the MSM's implementation, GoldMine would not make it necessary for Borg-Warner to upgrade all of their systems at once. Adamski saw this same problem with ACT!. This currently offers no cross platform compatibility between versions. Adamski found it necessary to keep two to three different versions of ACT! around just to transfer information from different sales executive's computers and states that: "One of GoldMine's key selling points is that you can have one person on the network who is very comfortable using Windows or Windows 95 and, at the same time you can have a DOS-die-hard working in the DOS version of GoldMine, both accessing the same database."

Even today, only the Southwest regional business of Borg-Warner is 100 per cent based on Windows 95. In fact, two regional business units are still using GoldMine for DOS, with the remainder using mixed platforms.

Adamski and Turski also felt that they had more power as users to customise GoldMine than either ACT! or Telemagic. Borg-Warner has customised GoldMine to have nine custom Field Views containing over 400 user-defined fields. Borg-Warner's extensive use of user defined fields provides mission critical information for specific customer sites. Each contact record contains detailed information such as a facility site's description, specific security needs, OSHA requirements, officer duties, even shoe sizes. By maintaining such detailed information, Borg-Warner can easily identify future sales opportunities for additional services such as background screening, drug testing and credit checks.

Before GoldMine, Borg-Warner was slow to automate their sales force. Sales executives were often given the "old PCs", the XTs and 286s. GoldMine changed all that as the management had seen how GoldMine can give them the "bigger picture", letting them know what is going on in the field. Custom designed reports give management updated information on the number of appointments, call-backs and proposals that have gone out in addition to information on pending sales and expected revenue. Management also can get detailed reports on how much of a particular market has been identified when targeting specific verticals.

Sales executive turnover was another major problem before GoldMine. When a sales executive left, the customer database would often go with them or even be thrown out and the new executive who took over would have to start from scratch. Today, a new sales executive can come in and take over right where the old one left off.

It took a while for Borg-Warner's sales executives to recognise the benefits of using GoldMine. But now they realise that with GoldMine they have a detailed record of their day-to-day activities. They find that their time is spent more efficiently, eliminating the chore of having to flip through 500 index cards to find an account record. They also have the ability to demonstrate to management what and how well they are doing. A case in point is one Borg-Warner sales executive that has recently exceeded his yearly quota by 20 per cent even though it is only April. He uses GoldMine religiously and he knows that management does also.

Borg-Warner has big plans for GoldMine in the upcoming year. All regional business units will be upgraded to Window 95. GoldSync will be implemented company-wide so that all sales information can be shared on a corporate level. GoldMine usage will be expanded to include the Borg-Warner Customer Service departments. Borg-Warner will also be developing a link between GoldMine and their own Proof of Visit (PoV) software. POV records a security guard's visits or rounds electronically, much like the old time clocks did. This information can be fed directly into GoldMine and stored for future reference.

Adamski not only supports GoldMine, he is also a user. "It's because I find GoldMine to be so useful to me, that it makes it very easy to recommend and get out into the field."

Compiled by Rachel Hodgkins

(c) GoldMine Software Corporation

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