Case Study: Compaq's Deskpro PC

Designed for environments where space is at a premium, the Compaq Deskpro PC benefits those with no need for the flexibility and...

Designed for environments where space is at a premium, the Compaq Deskpro PC benefits those with no need for the flexibility and expandability of standard PCs

One of the UK's leading precision sheet metalwork manufacturers, The Harlow Group, has standardised on Compaq Deskpro PCs, which meet the Net PC specifications, in an effort to increase network manageability, control the desktops and reduce the risk of viruses and unwanted tampering.

Adam Simmons, group IT manager said: "We needed to centralise our network infrastructure. The advanced manageability features of the Compaq Deskpro PC offer greater security and centralised control over our system. We have reduced the threat of viruses spreading throughout the network by trouble-shooting and managing from one point. We are now able to control security parameters remotely, manage and deploy inventories and monitor any faults."

Compaq's Deskpro PC consists of a series of features designed to lower the total cost of ownership. This includes a sealable design, remote system booting, remote configuration, enhanced security protection and fault prediction. Because the system unit can be sealed, the IT manager can ensure that unauthorised tampering and reconfigurations are avoided. Configuration and management is carried out remotely by the IT manager across the network via software, working in conjunction with management-enabled hardware features such as remote power-on and Compaq Intelligent Manageability Fault Management.

"The advice from our dealer, Eurodata, made it easy to make the decision to go with Compaq. The whole process of evaluation and the contract negotiation took no time at all and throughout the entire process I have been very impressed with the level of customer service I have received from Compaq," says Simmons.

The Compaq Deskpro PC is designed for businesses that require enhanced management and security for PC clients in centralised and structured computing environments. Typical end users include structured task workers, like those in the Harlow Group, who have no need for the flexibility and expandability provided by standard PCs.

A Compaq Proliant 5000 server now provides all PC users with email through Microsoft Exchange, via an ISDN connection, and all PCs are being replaced with Compaq Deskpros running NT Workstation. The Compaq PCs replace Dell Dimensions, and were chosen over Dell and Tulip.

This specific Compaq Deskpro PC has a small footprint that enables the machine to be mounted under the lip of the desk, ensuring that space constraints are not an issue for Harlow on the factory floor.

A fine brew from Compaq at Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee has chosen Compaq's space saving PCs for its 94 retail outlets throughout the UK. Costa, owned by the Whitbread chain, chose the Compaq Deskpro EN Small Form Factor (SFF) PC to save space in the store and to help manage their network more effectively.

Richard Kelly, financial controller, says: "Costa's stores are designed to provide authentic surroundings in which customers can enjoy quality coffee. There is no place for bulky desktop PCs. With the new Compaq Small Form Factor PC we can provide an intelligent till system that integrates with our entire retail network without compromising on the look of our outlets or wasting valuable space."

Like the standard Deskpro EN Desktop series, the Deskpro EN SFF is designed to provide customers with a consistent, industry-standard desktop computing platform that offers the highest level of manageability and serviceability. Customers, like Costa, who standardise on a stable and consistent platform are better able to control support costs and maximise long-term investments.

Compaq limits changes to software and components over the lifecycle of the Deskpro EN SFF. This extended lifecycle will greatly assist Costa's IT department which will spend less time updating and changing hardware and software technologies. Designed specifically for crowded desks, cubicles or retail environments, the small form factor system provides the full power and functionality of most full-sized PCs.

"With each unit running unattended, Compaq Intelligent Manageability plays a significant role in reducing overall lifecycle costs by enabling Costa to proactively manage each desktop remotely," continues Kelly.

Compaq's Intelligent Manageability will give Costa the ability to deploy, configure, secure and troubleshoot every Deskpro PC on the network from a single point, providing a more controlled computing environment and dramatically lowering operating costs. By using a Deskpro EN SFF with built-in networking, Costa can link into Whitbread's retail IT architecture while creating the desired atmosphere for their customers.

Geoff Marshall

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