CISO Power List 2012 Nominations closed

If you are in the business of securing organizations from all threats (internal and external), it’s time to put in nominations for the CISO Power List 2012.

Whether it is the design and enforcement of information security policies or effective employee awareness campaigns, the Indian CISO has his task cut out. Adding to his woes are new threats on the horizon like increasing number of business partners, industrial espionage, ‘bring your own device’ policies for employees, tightening budgets, and advanced malware. In this scenario, the role played by a CISO in keeping his organization stay in business is undisputable. This belief led us to a review of the leading CISOs in India Inc through our CISO Power List for 2012.

The CISO Power List honors Indian CISO-dom’s who’s-who.  This list of honor showcases merits of the chosen CISO such as skillsets, business acumen, leadership capabilities, and the strategies that he/she brings to the forefront when it comes to securing his/her organization’s critical assets.

If you feel that these attributes describe your achievements, please read on to know more about how you can nominate yourself for inclusion to the CISO Power List 2012. In case you know a CISO who fits the bill (or want to recognize your organization’s CISO’s achievements), please feel free to nominate the concerned CISO using our nomination form.

Nominations are now closed

CISO Power List 2012 FAQ

  • Which industry vertical do I need to be from?

The CISO Power List for 2012 will include CISOs from Indian organizations across all industry verticals.

  • Can I apply for this? Or who can I nominate?

The nominated person should be clearly heading the organization’s information security function as his/her primary responsibility. This can include various designations such as CISO, VP – Information Security, Head of Information Security and General Manager.

This person should be responsible for crafting the organization’s information security strategy, along with having the capabilities to implement and manage this vision. He/she should have proven skillsets to:

    • Design and manage the organization’s information security policies
    • Plan and administer the infosec function’s day to day operations
    • Craft and manage effective incident response mechanisms
    • Provide contingency planning strategies

  • How do I know if I (or my nominated CISO) made it to the CISO Power List 2012?

The CISO Power List 2012 will be judged by an eminent panel of experts. After the initial round of screening, the team will get in touch with the nominated CISO for further rounds of evaluation. The final CISO Power List for 2012 will be announced on, along with detailed profiles of the selected CISOs. These profiles will detail the various achievements that these CISOs have brought during the course of their duty.

Nominations are now closed

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