CA buys self-healing system capabilities for Unicenter

CA plans to add self-healing capabilities to its flagship Unicenter systems management family in a drive to automate IT administration. Industry analysts said the technology could lead to lower IT costs and significant time savings by automating manual administrative tasks.

The supplier of systems management tools has acquired Control-F1 which develops IT support software that can automatically prevent, detect and repair end-user computer problems before they can disrupt the wider IT system or hinder the business.

With this latest acquisition, CA has joined the ranks of IBM and Microsoft, and to some extent BMC and HP, which are also developing self-healing and autonomic computing systems.

Carl Greiner, senior vice-president of infrastructure at Ovum, said that system self-healing was at the early stages but would be an essential technology as systems became more complex. 

CA plans to offer Control-F1’s products as standalone software as well as incorporating them into Unicenter Service Desk. Over the next six to 12 months, CA plans to integrate the self-healing system into its central MDB database repository, which holds information on the status of all parts of the IT infrastructure. 

Ovum’s Greiner said developing system self-healing products was not easy. “For that we have to go in and look at our environment, monitor it and determine where the fix has to take place. We can view the IT environment superficially. Can we fix everything yet? No. But I think we’re heading in the right direction.” 

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