BI brings Speedy returns

Business intelligence allows firm to more effectively make decisions that have a positive impact on business

In a move designed to obtain greater visibility and transparency into its company data and to maximise its business performance, Speedy Hire has signed an agreement with Business Objects to deliver a suite of business intelligence (BI) solutions.


Speedy Hire operates a number of separate lines of business under a single company umbrella, all of which had their own sales and support mechanisms.  As part of an effort to adopt a more tailored sales strategy, the company was looking for a business intelligence solution that could collect information from across various parts of the business and collate it into a single repository. The customised business intelligence bought emerged among a number of leading BI vendors and has helped  Speedy Hire transform its business to a cohesive reporting machine.


Speedy Hire needed accurate information that could be quickly disseminated across its network of over 500 branches and the new technology enables the company to consolidate its sales and support services and adopt a unified business strategy. 


As part of the agreement, Speedy Hire will be using the BI solutions for query and analysis and enterprise information management. This tool will offer interactive, dashboard, viewer as well as manager licences for Speedy Hire bringing access to many more departments and end users.  These tools will allow Speedy Hire to set up key performance indicators which will give operations and sales personnel much greater visibility of customer usage trends.  Furthermore, Business Objects Data Integrator has been implemented to ensure that all users are working with information that is timely, accurate and trusted.


“The breadth of the [BI] toolset, including data integration, data quality, performance management and its easy-to-use query and reporting capability, presented a single source, fully integrated, comprehensive solution that Speedy was looking for,” said Colin Gresty, Group Technical Services Manager of Speedy Hire Plc. 


“We can now achieve a higher level of granularity when looking at our data, enabling us to more effectively make decisions that have a positive impact on our business.   We have an efficient way of managing our supply chain to provide the right products for our customers at the right time.  Business Objects has given us the tools to more effectively run our business, making a significant impact on our bottom line.”




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