BCS launches formal exam in consultancy

A professional qualification in consultancy has been launched by the BCS IS Examinations Board both for people in consultancies...

A professional qualification in consultancy has been launched by the BCS IS Examinations Board both for people in consultancies and those in IT departments.

The certificate in IS consultancy practice has evolved from the highly successful Consultancy Skills Workshop run by the BCS and training company KnowledgePool as part of the BCS Professional Development Portfolio. It was developed in response to demand from people attending the workshop and also meets industry demand for people skills.

"There is now a move from technically based staff to service, and IT staff are often less comfortable dealing with people," says David Brain, director of consultancy at KnowledgePool. "This qualification will help IT practitioners develop good customer/client engagement."

BCS deputy chief executive Colin Thompson says, "The qualification is aimed at IT practitioners, consultants who are new to consultancy and are looking to develop their careers, and IT consultants seeking to enhance their standing in the industry.

"It would be valuable to those who, for instance, need to operate in a more consultative role to deliver IT services, or provide expert advice on technical matters, or those operating in a customer-facing role for the first time."

The syllabus of the 40-hour course deals with client relationships, managing assignments, describing business analysis methods and making client recommendations. It leads to a two-hour written exam and a 45-minute oral exam.
Candidates must be at least 24 years old, with four years' IT experience.

People with three years' consultancy practice experience can apply for the examination without attending the course.

Thompson says, "The new certificate in IS consultancy practice is from the BCS vocational qualifications arm, which has issued more than 60,000 certificates in various disciplines. With that pedigree, and the clear requirement for formal recognition in the consultancy area, this qualification will undoubtedly be greatly sought after."

  • More details are available via www.iseb.org.uk/conskills, and 01793-417542

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