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The results of the largest ever survey of IT professionals and entrepreneurs are to be announced at the Building Britain's...

The results of the largest ever survey of IT professionals and entrepreneurs are to be announced at the Building Britain's Brainpower conference at the Royal Institution on 11 February.

The Real Time Club Foresight Associate Programme Scale 21 (Skills Capabilities Aptitude Learning Environment in the 21st Century) was set up to identify the underlying skills that people need to succeed in the IT industry.

The thousands of computer professionals that completed the Scale 21 tests have ensured that the study is the most comprehensive in-depth survey ever undertaken to identify the underlying skills you need to forge a successful IT career.

Explaining the reason for the study, Ian Rickwood, chief executive at the Institute for the Management of Information Systems, says, "If we can identify some of the abilities successful IT professionals have in common, perhaps we can devise ways of helping young people who have these talents to realise their potential by choosing computing as a career in which they could be very successful."

The Scale 21 survey has received support from a number of prominent industry figures. The keynote speech at the conference will be given by e-commerce minister Douglas Alexander.

The conference is being co-ordinated by the E-Skills NTO. It aims to bring together some 450 IT leaders and entrepreneurs to review the research carried out by the Scale 21 working parties and propose recommendations to take the project forward.

Participants will hear the latest insights and thinking from business experts from around the world and everyone will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of skills strategies.

There are a limited number of seats available for Computer Weekly readers who have taken part in the survey. If you would like to attend, you can register online at

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