Analyst paper: provisioning the mobile workforce

In this report, Cutter Consortium analyst Brian Dooley explains the security and access control required to give mobile users the ability to run enterprise applications via their mobile devices

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Mobile workers are just like the rest of us - except that they are mobile. And therein lies the problem.

Mobile workers today are just as reliant upon efficient access to corporate data and applications as office-based staff. In fact, at times they are even more so - as in the case of a representative preparing a quote, for example. Yet the capabilities for obtaining and managing the mobile network connection are not nearly as robust as those within the corporate facility. Whereas other mobility requirements can be solved easily, it is connectivity that creates the greatest difficulties for the worker. And it is portability and easy access to data that create the greatest security threat.

In this report, Cutter Consortium analyst Brian Dooley, covers security and access control required to give mobile users the ability to run enterprise applications via their mobile devices.

Download the report: Provisioning the Mobile Workforce

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This was last published in August 2007

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Great report, Brian. Very impressive. Security has got to be the most important aspect to consider when deploying an application to your mobile workforce. I was overseeing the development of my company's app called EasyData and security was one of the areas we focused heavily on.