75% of IT workers ready to quit

The number of disgruntled and bored staff prepared to leave their jobs is increasing.

UK IT workers are so fed up and bored at work that 75% of them want to quit their jobs.


Half of IT managers are either on the books or about to register with a recruitment agency, according to an independent survey commissioned by online learning provider SkillSoft. The numbers of disgruntled non-managerial IT workers with CVs at the ready are even higher.


The chief gripe is low pay, followed by boredom, a perceived failure by companies to use their skills and talents and lack of training.


Managers and staff alike are taking out their grievances on colleagues and customers, with 11% of all non-managerial workers admitting they’d been deliberately unhelpful or obstructive to a manager, colleague or customer. A staggering 50% of managers admit similar misdemeanours but prefer to vent their spleen on colleagues.


Checking personal emails is rife among all ranks, but the survey suggests that this could partly be a result of staff feeling undervalued at work.


Mike Emmott, employee relations advisor at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development agrees with the bleak outlook.


“People often don’t feel appreciated by their managers. We have found that line managers don’t do as well as they could in this area – but recognition is critical for employees.”


SkillSoft EMEA general manager Kevin Young suggests that training and development could help managers and other IT workers feel more valued, as well as boosting their productivity.


“It’s interesting to discover that over two-thirds of IT professionals would like the opportunity to increase their skills,” says Young.



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