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June 2011

Server virtualisation: A perfect fit for your DR plan

In the days before server virtualisation, it was mainly large enterprises that could afford a DR plan that entailed duplicating their entire server estate and having it sit around doing nothing. All that changed with the arrival into the mainstream of server virtualisation, which eliminated the requirement that the secondary site be a hardware carbon copy of the primary one. A key benefit of virtualisation is its ability to save on disaster recovery infrastructure and that brings DR within the range of companies that were previously unable to afford it. DR requires restoration of an entire system quickly and easily, and virtualisation scores big here. Because a VM is independent of hardware, it's easy to move or copy a server from one physical server to another server that you can recover from in case of disastrous events. Meanwhile, the falling cost of bandwidth means you can use remote offices as DR sites. Even applications that do not run on virtual servers can be virtualised when replicated. If a mirrored virtual server runs...

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