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12 August 2013

How to make IT governance work

Many drivers feel capable of exceeding the speed limit and handling their vehicle appropriately. How do you feel when you find yourself behind the wheel on a deserted highway late at night? At that point, do the traffic laws feel somewhat restrictive and even a little pointless? Speed limits are like regulations affecting IT - sometimes we simply do not see their value. We only recognise they make our life more difficult. When it comes to information technology and the role of governance in an organisation, the situation is often similar as individuals are reluctant to be fenced in by rules and regulations. I recently had a discussion with several managers of a large corporation with which I am working. Compliance officers, information security officers and the like were discussing how difficult it is to make the regulations tangible for the organisations. For instance, legal regulations are extremely stringent when it comes to the security of personal data, and yet they regularly have employees who write passwords on Post-it ...

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