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06 May 2014

Managing Wi-Fi and mobility

We’re living in a mobile world. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly the predominant devices on our networks, moving traffic away from wired to wireless and changing the way we need to design and manage our networks. Things get even more complex when we have to factor in users’ desires to bring their own devices to work. How can we find a balance, and how can we simplify the increasingly complex management task? Currently mobile devices and their networks are managed by a mix of different tools, all with their own user interfaces and idiosyncrasies. You are likely using a tool like Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager or its cloud service Intune to manage devices, with Windows Network Access Protection controlling access to network resources – while using proprietary tools to push configurations to network equipment. That is a complex mix of tools and technologies, and one that requires several different skill sets. Modern wireless access points are powerful devices, capable of supporting large numbers of ...

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