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8 November 2016

AI set to replace traditional IT administrators

In the age of the customer, human IT operators will be inferior and a new rulebook for IT operations will be needed. IT will need to change from supporting back-office processes to interacting directly with consumers and users, who will have far higher expectations of IT systems than traditional business users do. Speaking at the recent VMworld conference in Barcelona, Joe Baguley, CTO EMEA at VMware, said: “IT needs to shift from being business-aligned to concentrate on understanding much more about what customers and end-users in the business do.” Baguley argued that most IT systems were designed to support business processes rather than employees, such as an HR system, which is optimised to help HR people but makes little sense to staff. “The future is no longer about the business or the datacentre, but about customers,” he said. Speaking in August about how the IT function was changing as cars became smarter, Volvo Cars’ director of business development and strategy for consumer IT, Jonas Rönnkvist, said this was making car ...

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