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15 September 2015

An application ecosystem for the all-digital era

For the past 10 years, IT professionals have considered the configuration management database (CMDB) and configuration management system (CMS) the linchpins of service management. CMS concerns mapping applications to infrastructure components. It is a management tool for business services and was created at a time when IT professionals built and ran infrastructure on-premises and a user device meant a laptop or desktop running Microsoft Windows. This made sense in the context of key processes such as change, incident and capacity-management, and automated dependency discovery tools. But the CMS proved too slow for the complexity of applications and infrastructures in a dynamic and fast-moving environment. Numerous manual corrections and the very scale of the required reconciliation tasks led to very high resource consumption and high CMS project failure rates. However, the effect of digital disruption on the business and technology is now at the core of technology management’s renewed interest in CMS projects. To fulfil the ...

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