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28 March 2017

What’s in the UK government’s 5G strategy?

The future of mobile networking once again drew the attention of the Chancellor of the Exchequer during March 2017’s Budget, with new initiatives announced to ensure the UK takes the lead, and remains a leader, in the development of 5G mobile networks. The successor to current 4G networks, 5G is slated to come into widespread commercial usage in the early 2020s, and promises vast improvements around reduced latency, browsing and download speeds. As well as a fatter pipe for consumers and businesses to fill with data, 5G also heralds a sea-change in how up-and-coming technologies such as connected vehicles and the internet of things (IoT) are deployed and supported, indeed, some believe that these technologies will only really come into their own once 5G is available. However, unlike 4G networks, mobile experts agree that 5G will be introduced over a number of years, as an evolutionary process. It is very unlikely that – as with previous mobile generations – there will be a single day when 5G is “switched on”; if everything goes ...

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