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08 October 2013

Interview: Matt Atkinson, CMO, Tesco

Chief marketing officers (CMOs) and chief information officers (CIOs) are notorious for not working together on technology decisions within a business. Their roles were traditionally very different, and they still don’t see eye to eye often. Today, technology drives a significant amount of business decisions, making this disconnect a big problem. This CMO-CIO disconnect can threaten the ability of companies to deliver effective customer experiences. Research from Accenture says only 45% of CIOs say that supporting marketing is near or at the top of their list of priorities, while over 30% of CMOs believe IT keeps marketing out of the loop and does not make time and technical resources available. But Tesco CMO Matt Atkinson and his colleague CIO Mike McNamara work efficiently together to build out the retailer’s engaging multi-channel customer journey. Atkinson, who has a background in technology and data, says “Mike [McNamara] is a technologist who speaks English. We have the same type of passion for customers, so we get on ...

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