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20 January 2015

The legal issues facing UK businesses from wearable technology

It is inevitable that wearable technology will be used more frequently in the workplace and its use will have a number of advantages to UK businesses. For instance, Goldsmiths, University of London reported that wearable technologies were found to boost employee productivity by up to 8.5%. However, UK businesses are also likely to have concerns about the challenges they may face by allowing staff to use wearable technology at work and will need to assess their legal obligations and also the practical considerations in respect of wearables being used in the workplace. One concern with wearable technology is that individuals are likely to find it easier to record information on a wearable device without being detected. Therefore, businesses face the risk of individuals recording confidential information about the finances or affairs of the business or intellectual property relatively easily, with the business subsequently losing control over what happens to that information. Even if individuals have consent to store such ...

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