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24 June 2014

CIO Interview: Betfair's Michael Bischoff on making IT ready for Fifa World Cup

Today is a big day for online bookmaker Betfair – it is the first day of 20th Fifa World Cup. CIO Michael Bischoff is confident that Betfair's IT infrastructure is ready to provide betting and sportsbook services to even more customers than before. "It is a big day but we are prepared," he tells Computer Weekly. "We have spent a lot of time engineering our IT architecture on an ongoing basis." While the World Cup is important, so is Wimbledon, spring racing, Champions League, the FA Premiership, and that’s why the IT team constantly works to improve the infrastructure to deliver smooth services to its users, he says. Betfair’s underlying IT infrastructure is ready for the games and the team is focusing more on how to translate its great back-end infrastructure to a smooth customer experience. Engaging with social media “This World Cup is more special because it is the first real social world cup,” says Bischoff. “Twitter has become a standard medium of communication for sporting fans while a game is on. It has changed how our ...

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