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September-November 2016

Will European datacentre operators pounce on post-Brexit uncertainty?

With the result of the EU referendum now known and Privacy Shield, the data transfer successor to Safe Harbour, finally in place, the uncertainty these seismic events have generated could blight the European datacentre community for some time to come. 451 Research issued an advisory note several days after the result of the EU referendum, suggesting operators have slowed or suspended datacentre planning until a clearer idea emerges of how the post-Brexit world will pan out. Speaking to Computer Weekly, Andy Lawrence, vice-president of datacentre technologies and eco-efficient IT at 451 Research, says that keeping a lid on capital expenditure will be front of mind for CIOs and IT directors for some time to come. “I would advise CIOs to at least stop and have a serious discussion about what this means, and, if they think it’s going to have a serious impact, hold back for a few weeks,” he says. “But the overwhelming likelihood is that not a huge amount will change in the longer term. “The Brexit camp are of the view that, ...

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