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December 2013

Case study: Seadrill migrates in-house datacentre to virtual private cloud in six months

When Seadrill, the offshore drilling company, decided to move its headquarters from Norway to London in December 2012, its IT team had six months to plan, design and execute its new infrastructure before the Norway datacentre – its infrastructure hub – went offline. The company’s main datacentre was at its office premises in Stavanger, Norway, managed by an external datacentre services provider. It also had several server rooms and small IT hubs at its regional offices in oil and natural gas-rich areas such as Dubai, Singapore, Brazil, Thailand and the UK. “When we decided to relocate the main office to London, we had to decide whether to build our own datacentre or to outsource it,” says Richard Du Plessis, vice-president and CIO of Seadrill. The IT team had to plan and execute its IT strategy quickly, as the main datacentre in Norway was scheduled to be switched off in June 2013. “We realised we did not have much time to build our own datacentre, so we decided to outsource it,” says Du Plessis. The team launched a request for ...

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