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February-April 2017

Top IT priorities for Nordic CIOs in 2017

The New Year is time for new goals and plans, and IT decision makers are no exception. Computer Weekly asked a select group of CIOs and analysts in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden which IT trends topped their priority lists for 2017. As in many regions of the world, digital transformation was one of 2016’s biggest buzzwords in the Nordic region as organisations induced real change across operations and business models. And IT continues to play a crucial part in this. “While digital transformation is first and foremost a business priority, IT executives are expected to drive or at least participate in the dialogue about the digital transformation of the business,” said Anders Elbak, research manager at analyst firm IDC Nordic. “Moreover, IT needs to support the transformation, and implement and operate new customer-facing solutions.” Reclaiming the potential business benefits of digitisation are at the top of the list for many Nordic CIOs, but how this is approached during 2017 will vary. For example, in the Finnish city of ...

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