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October 2014

Cloud storage makes steady progress in Poland

Public cloud services arouse suspicion in Poland. The thinking persists that your own servers or datacentre are the best places to store your data. But that picture is slowly changing and cloud storage is recognised by some as a method that can cut costs and help improve customer service. More than half (55%) of the largest Polish companies do not process data in the cloud and 40% of them do not plan to migrate to the cloud, according to research by analyst company Audytel. The dominant concerns are that the move to cloud storage is a big step that surrenders control and security of data to a third party. “Caution is often a far stronger motivation than the desire to make changes, even if there is the promise of a reduction in investment costs,” says Grzegorz Bernatek, head of analytical projects at Audytel. Piotr Pietrzak, chief technology officer at IBM Poland, agrees: “Companies are particularly worried about the security of their data, including personal data. They are afraid of big risks lurking in the contract, dependence ...

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