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March 2014

European experts divided on success of cyber security

European IT security experts are divided on the success of cyber security, it emerged at the 6th International Forum on Cyber Security in Lille, France. Seven panelists failed to reach a consensus in the sometimes heated debate on the topic in the opening session of the conference. Dividing opinion by declaring that cyber security is a failure was David Lacey, UK consultant and strategic advisor at security services firm IOActive. He was joined by Jérémie Zimmermann, co-founder of the Paris-based La Quadrature du Net, a citizen advocacy group defending fundamental freedoms online. “Cyber security is a failure at all levels, including compliance, methodology, skills and technology,” said Lacey. While agreeing that regulatory compliance is necessary, he said it tends to encourage organisations to come up with the cheapest response. Lacey said regulation does not encourage innovation and tends to recognise outdated standards and models that give the attacker the advantage. The old “plan, check, do” model is too slow-moving and ...

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