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July 2014

Preparing web-scale IT infrastructure

Organisations should look to emulate the best practices of web giants Facebook, Google, eBay and Amazon to support scalable IT. Previously the sole domain of internet giants, trends such as the internet of things and the integration of web and traditional business processes mean that CIOs will increasingly be asked to deliver the scalabilty that was once only possible on Google. In the Gartner report Capacity and Performance Management Form the Basis of Web-Scale IT, analyst Ian Head noted that practices that are, at this point, rarely seen outside the web-scale community are likely to become more prevalent. He wrote: "As digital business requirements become more ubiquitous, the drivers for this will be from the business." Business drivers With the economy finally moving in the right directions, businesses are starting to reinvest in their IT capabilities. A recent Gartner survey of CEOs found that senior executives now have an appetite to invest in IT and use technology to gain a competitive edge. Speaking to Computer Weekly ...

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